Life’s Test

I often speak to parents with young adults (19 – 24 years old) whose son or daughter don’t know what to do with their life.

Or, their son or daughter do know what to do in life; yet, they are trying to play life safe, what I would call tip-toeing through life.

The bottom-line up front, these young adults don’t know or know, yet they are afraid to push themselves out of their confront zone.

The limitations they are putting on themselves are self-imposed.

These young adults must be honest with themselves. Stop lying to yourself!!

More importantly, parents need to stop lying to their kids.

You must test yourself in life; however, In life, you WILL be tested. Period.

Although my test differs from yours, you will be tested.

It’s how you face that test and overcome that test that will define you (your character) later in life.

I suffered from stress-related leg pain while going through U.S. Army Airborne School. This is called Tibial Stress Fractures. The pain was excruciating, yet, I was able to endure the pain because being a Paratrooper was something I had always dreamed about as a kid.

There was no way I would give in to the pain.

I had always visualized myself as a Paratrooper wearing the maroon beret. I identified as a Paratrooper and felt this was my life’s calling. This was a way to overcome all my doubts about who I was as a person. My fears, doubts, essentially, I would never limit myself from seeking who I could be. Who I could become.

That dream came true. I overcame the pain, graduated, and went on to the 82nd Airborne Division. Becoming a Paratrooper.

That was one of the hardest tests in my life.

Pushing yourself each day.

Push yourself to your fullest potential. Period. Full Stop.

It should be what gives your life meaning.

The question to these young adults is whether they feel comfortable going through life and dying knowing they could have done more. I could have seen more. I could have shared more. I could have accomplished more. My life could have been more.

What more do I need to do in life? That is, the relevant question.

Life is uncertain; the future is unpredictable.

It is normal to be afraid you will regret doing something new. But when you look back, you regret things you did not do.

For me, there are no regrets. Looking back on my life, I did the best I could now. I pushed as hard as I could.

Every day is a new day.

Every day is a new opportunity.

Every day is a day to restart and move forward. Doesn’t matter the age.

I will not be 80 years old (God willing) and say I wish I would have….

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