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At any level, anyone responsible for supervising people or accomplishing a mission/task that involves other people is a leader. Anyone who influences others, motivating them to action or influencing their thinking or decision making, is a leader.

It’s not a function only of position; it’s also a function of roles and responsibilities.

It’s important to understand that you don’t just lead followers – you lead other leaders. Even at the lowest levels of an organization you are a leader of leaders.

Experienced in leadership principles and practice

Anthony Doucet is a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant. He spent over 20-years in various leadership roles as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division, 25th Infantry Division, and several other military organizations. He possesses a comprehensive background in operations management, emergence response, and law enforcement derived from conducting foreign and domestic operations.

Anthony has several overseas deployments to include three tours to Iraq. During the 2007 surge in Iraq, his platoon was responsibility for training and advising Iraqi Security Forces, along with conducting combat operations. Anthony is the recipient of two Bronze Star Medals and numerous other personal and unit awards.

Upon retiring from the Army, Anthony served as a law enforcement officer for the Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services as a Watch Commander and Patrol Branch Chief.

In his military and law enforcement careers, Anthony has helped hundreds of soldiers, officers, and their families regain control over their life and make progress toward achieving their goals.

Since retiring, Anthony continues to help military veterans and law enforcement officers overcome life’s obstacles in leadership and personal development.

Anthony has learned many hard-earned leadership lessons while transitioning from the battlefield to civilian life and pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. His passion and purpose are to help others become leaders in every area of their life.

Committed to your success

I’m committed to helping you be a leader in every area of life, so you can stop feeling frustrated with your lack of progress. The process is simple – read the practical articles on the blog, find your solution, and enjoy the results.

I believe no one should have to feel frustrated by the lack of control in their life. And you shouldn’t have to struggle when the answers are at your fingertips. Take ownership of your future so that you can move towards the life you’ve always wanted.