Pushing through the Breaking Point!

What is the Breaking Point?

This is when a person can no longer accept or deal with a situation because of too much pressure or stress.

In human psychology, the breaking point is a moment of stress in which a person breaks down, or a situation becomes critical or life-threatening.  Now, this will vary from person to person – based on the intensity of the environment.

That individual may snap more easily and get frustrated over the smallest things.

Or that individual may withdraw completely. Both instances showcase that they are not in control of their emotions.

You are either constantly on edge or have a “can’t be bothered” approach.

I’m talking about your Breaking Point!

People often see the challenges in their lives and slow down, and they don’t know how to move forward. There is this illusion that they’re at their breaking point.

I remember several times when I thought I was at my breaking point. Yet, my mother told me that God was preparing me for greater things.

When I entered the military, I saw what the U.S. Army First Sergeant (1SG) could do, and I told myself that’s the position I wanted. The 1SG runs a U.S. Army company (accountable and responsible for over 100 or more people). It is a command position. Only the best are selected from the pool of Master Sergeants.

Yet, I knew I had to be one because I wanted to effect change and help soldiers and their families.

After years of working hard in the Army, I became one of the Best 1SGs.

I don’t say that to brag or boast. I say that with great humility.

In order to put on the 1SG diamond (the diamond is in the middle of the rank), you must be prepared to face your breaking point and move beyond.

In my early years, Pressure was applied, and I endured the stress and pressures of the military environment. The stress and pressures came with reprimands and failures. Only to pick myself up and keep moving.

God said, okay, it’s time I brought the Heat since you can handle the stress and pressures. I endured the extreme temperatures of being in different leadership roles and responsibilities.

I was almost fired from several jobs in the military, in which I did get fired later in my career; even more so, I got my butt handed to me several times.  Yet, my never-quit attitude and fortified Kept me going despite the setbacks, trials, and tribulations.

Then, God said, I see you can handle the pressure and heat; it’s time for you to get Cut. The cut came when I was told I would never be a 1SG. Yet, my dream of becoming a 1SG was absolutely real. I could taste it.

You see, in life, we dream. Those dreams can manifest themselves when there is emotion, and our plans are led with a vision. My vision was of me standing leading a company of Soldiers and their families.

On my 3rd tour in Iraq, I was fired from my position and told I didn’t have what it took to be a 1SG. I was fired because of my arrogance, boldness, and aggressive behavior. I didn’t know it then but I suffered from severe Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

My family had no idea I was living two lives. 1. Anthony 2. Sergeant Doucet

Anthony is a nice guy, very humble, respectful, and caring.

Sergeant Doucet was a guy driven to win at all costs and make things happen, no matter the cost. Sergeant Doucet is a guy that was born to be a Soldier. He knew he would die in the military.

Life as a Soldier came easy, and he demanded and expected the best from himself and everyone around him. That means Sergeant Doucet risked his life, leading by example, and expected nothing in return. Just loyalty!

Nevertheless, I was sidelined in war on my 3rd tour in Iraq. This humbled me, and I thought my chain of command was screwing me and ruining my career. Hell, I would never be a 1SG, I thought; yet I could see the vision of wearing the diamond.

Looking back, God sent people into my life to care for me. I was out of control, and my chain of command took care of me. I could not see that then because when you lack humility and think you are the only one with the answers, the lord will humble you.

Moving forward, I became a 1SG. The person who told me I would never be a 1SG pulled me aside and said that the Army needed leaders like me. “Leaders who have been to the “Dark Side” come out the other end a better person and leader.”

Because of these experiences, the Pressures, the Heat, and the Cut, I could put on the Diamond and become a 1SG.

Many times, people see you in a position in life, either in your personal or professional life, and they don’t know what it took for you to get there.

You know it wasn’t easy! You pushed through those Breaking Points! The pressure, heat, and the cut!

I lost friends in training operations, combat operations, and, sadly, to suicide.

In most cases, it was a fight. I was fighting through the Breaking Points. And, the fight was real… the fight against temptation, weakness, sickness, and evil; and the overall fight in MY MIND!!

I have been constantly under attack throughout my time in the military, law enforcement, and even today.

You see…in life, we are usually worried about the thief that’s going to steal our car, cell phone, …essentially those tangible items.

However, we disregard the thought that the real thief is in our heads.

The thief that says you are too short, not smart (not even intelligent), unattractive, NOT strong enough, not fast enough, not good enough, or just plain…too old…

Nevertheless, the fight is real.

I realized long ago that the fight is my friend. I had to be comfortable with the fight.

I needed to go on the offensive in order to push through the breaking points.

This means you take your fight to your enemy. That enemy is in your mind. The way to win in life is to stay on the offensive in those times of darkness – pressure, heat, and the cut (overall pain).

When we become complacent and have an “I’ve made it” mentality, things start to spiral out of control.

Yet, you have to go on the attack.

You go on the attack, and you create a war plan. That plan consists of a campaign.

The campaign is a continuous battle against weakness, temptation, and those times of darkness – pressure, heat, and the cut (overall pain).

In the military, a campaign is a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.

In life, a campaign is an organized course of action to achieve a goal.

My goal is to live the best life possible.

A life of experiences. Experiences that challenge me physically and mentally.

Those daily tasks must be organized to fit in to our campaign, and it’s the campaign in which some days you will lose and some days you will win. However, the campaign mindset is to keep pushing past the pain.

Let the pain be your friend. Let the pain be your greatest strength.

When you realize that the pain is only making you stronger, then and only then will you push past your breaking point.

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